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Resort Advisory Group International
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Real Estate & Resort Advisory Services  

Real Estate & Resort Advisory Services   |   Real Estate & Resort Services   |   Real Estate & Resort Services   |   Real Estate & Resort Development Consulting   |   Real Estate & Resort Investment Services   |   Real Estate & Resort Development Planning   |   Real Estate & Resort Financing   |   Real Estate & Resort Development Strategy   |  Real Estate & Resort Development Programming   |  Real Estate & Resort Development Management Services | asset management | litigation support advisory services - - - Resort Advisory Group International provides resort advisory services including real estate & resort development, resort financing, management, consulting, planning and investment.

Resort Advisory Group International is a strategic consulting firm specializing in mixed-use Real Estate and Destination Resort Development, particularly luxury hotel projects. The firm provides its clients with expert integrated advisory services covering every aspect of the Real Estate investment decision-making and implementation process including:

Planning Financing Entitlements
Construction Supervision Financial Controls Human Resources
Management Contracting Operations Asset Management

Resort Advisory Group International is unique in that its President and lead advisor, Alain Longatte, has extensive hands-on hotel and mixed use real estate financing, development, operations and management experience spanning a career of thirty-five years.

Resort Advisory Group International
differentiates itself by:

EXPERIENCE: The firm's three principals, Alain Longatte, Michel Bendeck and Jason Bass, CFA, together have 90 years of practical real estate and resource development and management experience.

VALUE: The firm combines practical know-how with expert technical analysis and no nonsense, high-level strategic thinking to add significant value to all of its client's endeavors irrespective of prevailing market challenges.

KNOWLEDGE: For every engagement the firm's principals and affiliates deploy their broad base of practical knowledge to craft creative and implementable solutions.

INTERNATIONAL: The firm's principals and affiliates are multi-lingual and with their extensive international experience are highly adaptable to a diversity of market cultures and dynamics.

TEAMWORK: The firm's core philosophy is to work closely with its clients and transcend the typical client-consultant relationship and become a trusted member of each client's team.

RESULTS: The firm is results driven at every stage of engagement performance and prides itself on a singular and unwavering focus on achieving its client's objectives.

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